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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from addair)

Just airing out some rough ideas….

Also the title “starter kit to actual rebellion” is not my idea.  I took it from Moses Appleton because I think its a really good one.


in the thinking chair



To keep the monster functioning we must feed it, without the fuel of our participation it must die. We can rebel and take our culture and lives on our own terms. Science, technology, or politics won’t assuage our crisis.  We will continue to make a forever updated mess until we reevaluate our standards, think and ways of relating.  The solution will take time, energy, creativity, and courage.  The necessary rebellion is dangerous and authentic because it requires a shedding of apathy.  We must become fully connected and present to bloom in the responsibility of being a human.  We need to fuse our individual actions to the fact that they have real, lasting, and communal consequences.  It is time for a rebellion because it’s necessary, but know that it comes with responsibility.   To maintain liberty, we must learn to sustain our significance.  We do not have to participate in perceived power structures. We have the power. Ban together.  Forget about party affiliation.  Refuse to be divided.  Act for yourself and for others.  Vote with your dollar.  Give your money to real people that make real meaning.  Don’t feed the monster.    Eat real food.  Support your local economy.  Take the little steps and make the stout ones in chorus.  Don’t wait for government action. Speak up. Urge elected officials. We can stop fighting the source of our sustenance and start living in a symbiotic relationship with it.  We can reclaim our right to enjoy the authentic pleasures of living and loving and working.  Wake up and do the things that are important and that you care about.  Everyday.

looking forward to tomorrow. because today i spilt my soup twice. but more to topic, i did get to wake up and do the things i care about (accidents and detours welcome i suppose)





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