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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from addair)

I got three handwritten letters in the mail and I wanted to share some of the good fortune.

“If they really wanted to help cats out in here, they would give them things that they could use out there like education or a trade.  Instead of just sitting around in here in this kind of environment”  – Josh Wilson,my cousin and prisoner at Pocahontas Correctional Center, on the helpfulness of his required “Productive Citizenship” class

Let (he got a fresh coat of paint) modeling a necklace another cousin, Caleb Monk, crafted and sent to me



“I just can’t be rockin pants that tight, no way.”  -Josh, on Levon and Dustin’s attire the last time we went to visit him

“I truly am not the convicted felon which my ignoble behavior has tainted me.  A young man’s idiocy has branded a decent man the criminal, and such an embarrassing label shall forever be my bane”  -Luke Lafferty, a friend of Josh’s at Pocahontas Correctional Center

art from Caleb (he's at a small jail in Southwestern Virginia) he melted M&M candies for the color.


You can get good old fashioned letters in the mail too.  If you’d like to write any of them visit to get the addresses.


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