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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from addair)

I had to move out of my studio space yesterday as the owner is selling the building.  And so this morning, I kept it basic with a pencil and my journal.  It was actually refreshing to just sit outside and sketch instead.


got the chance to do some simple studies of found objects

Yesterday, after my fury of indignation at the established “art world” (whatever that means), I decided to withdraw my applications to some juried exhibits which frees me up to pursue other goals.  I’m ready to strengthen my DIY ethic.


some sketches from photographs


We’re pretty well in transition mode now which is limiting in a sense but allows space for evaluation.  I’m thinking about having some art show/happening/events outside of the gallery scene .


more found objects. i've been collecting acorns lately.

A sort of direct action in art.  I’m excited by the possibilities.



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