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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from addair)

There’s a group art show (which I am a part of) happening this Friday, October 23 at The Warehouse (1229 W. Olney Road) in the West Ghent area of Norfolk.  Starts at 7pm, and I’m assuming it will last till 10pm ish.

levon's guitar case, me, and some old polaroids all say to come on out.

levon's guitar case, me, and some old polaroids all say to come on out.

this is from the organization putting on the show, ( :

great art = great city

Symphonic’s goal is to build a great city in which all people can flourish. A city without art is not a city where humans can thrive; a great city has great art. Why is this the case? The arts are things which possess inherent value; transcendent worth. When we buy an album or bring home a painting, we don’t do it because they are useful, but because they are beautiful. They send us. They take us. Art interrupts biologic necessity and loosens psychological strait jackets with something beyond ourselves. When we disagree about art it only proves how value exists in some framework other than the one in which we normally live – a dollar’s worth of art has no meaning; I only know I love the art and I pay for it. A city which only has time for “useful” things will not be a city where humans can flourish; it will be restless, cold, heartless. A city with great art and space for artists to explore and exhibit their art, is a city where real life, real value and real love can increasingly emerge.


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