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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

A post from a friend.


that night, we set out to liberate a billboard. to throw a rock at the corporate giant.

ultimately, we were david and this was goliath.

two worlds, fighting to exist on the same physical plane.

their world is built on models designed for profit, inspired by greed, and justified by the claim that everyone deserves the luxury of apathy, as if it were an afforded right, not an earned curse.

their world is massive and self perpetuating.

their world swallows whole worlds of thought, whole worlds of authenticity, and leaves nothing but waste and homogenized culture in its wake.

their world is a world built on cold mathematics. an inhumane numbers game.

our world is built from the heart.

i looked over the pictures jonathan had taken that night, and some part of me felt petty. i could’ve done so much more in that hour. but i must move one foot a time. tonight, the billboard. tomorrow, the country.

that night, i slept more at peace than i will tonight, because i had lived more at peace in that moment. nothing is more peaceful than the fight for empathy. than the fight for meaning.

i slept well that night because their world had one less billboard to promote itself. because their world was a little bit smaller….and perhaps, that meant our world was a little bit bigger.



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