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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from a. addair)

Without exactly meaning to, I discovered a new visual language for myself.  I think it bubbled up out of a sense of awe with just how little I understand.  It seems like I get to this realization every few months and though it never totally goes away, I think I dim it in order to make any sort of concrete progress.  Otherwise, I feel like I might spend my entire existence sitting alone by the ocean pondering.

you tell me

you tell me

This current whoa-i-know-so-little-season was triggered by a Fresh Air broadcast ( ). Terry Gross interviewed Karen Armstrong, a former nun, on her latest book The Case for God.  Armstrong’s views on religion are captivating, informed, and receptive.  I look forward to reading the book because the interview alone is incredibly thought provoking.

you tell me (detail)

you tell me (detail)

I’m interested to see how this change in aesthetics develops with my thoughts (another one of those intangible/material exchanges, I’m always talking about).  In this first visual shift, my palette has softened and the application has thinned.  I’ve opened the process toward chance (paint drips) and tried to allow senses that operate outside of language to play on the canvas.


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