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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon


I can’t stop thinking about the gobstopper themes in Ashley’s new paintings.  (pictures were posted two days down, or  From my post the other day, you know that I’ve for some reason been seeing everything in metaphors.  I found in her work a visual metaphor in the way she is describing the discordant associations of matters like manmade and organic.  Is the brown object a sapient imposed system that leaves a series of circles, or could the circles have existed independently?  Their picture would be complete without the gobstopper, yet now we don’t know which way the picture is complete because of the shielding, or imposed rigidity, or whatever it is; it’s impacting the composition we are left with.

So maybe we are supposed to realize that yes, if everything were left alone it would work out beautifully.  But if we are going to get our hands involved to mechanize, claim, industrialize, and develop, the remaining circles are culminate and not contingent.  We are responsible for them, otherwise we get a canvas of solid brown.  And since we don’t know what the brown is, we’ll only know that we covered something beautiful and now we’ve got all this brown.

I’ll take it another step.  Brown is the color of mixing other colors.  In our novice artistic endeavors, we may remember arriving at some tone of brown that frustratingly only became a different brown the more we tried to mix our way out of it.   It’s hard to get out of brown once you get brown.  It takes something drastic like a solid dose of black, or perhaps enough white (like a gallon).  We may be unsettled by our metaphors now.

Ironic that gobstoppers, by definition, have layer after layer of sweet colors- like the earth’s sediment layers.  The word is also typically preceded by “everlasting.”

But I’m done.  Good morning and happy Saturday.



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