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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Picture 003

A picture of a picture from our days at UK

Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky are not considered to be very big states but they are very long.  In the last couple days we managed to drive about 2000 miles within their borders.  In Knoxville we stopped for some Tomato Head to-go and left it to chance who we would see in our few minutes on the market square.  Its nice to walk around a city and expect to bump into someone.  We bumped into five very dear someones within 30 minutes before we had to go.

The shows in Kentucky went well.  Thanks for Greener Groundz in Bowling Green and Etcetera Cafe in Paducah for letting me come out.  Sunday was a grueling 14 four 800 mile trek back.  All the way across Kentucky this time, but not without some stops.



Ale 8, how you know you're in central KY

and some Spanish practice

Its recharging to go home.  For me, home kind of stretches out and it takes a trip like this to feel it all.


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