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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

89th St Beach

89th St Beach

Friday is here.  I love Fridays because it means everyone else is excited about not working the next two days.  Their spirit is sometimes so contagious that I too am glad that I am not working the next two days.  Maybe I will be working though, here’s a craigslist ad that’s trickling in some scratch.

Levon is the man for your job (Virginia Beach)

Why everyone should know Levon

No gig is too big nor is one too small,
Remember my name and give me a call
A strong back for your labors or a voice for the phone
Go have a latte and leave me alone

Lawn care, construction, improvements and sales
Ill sing at your party or make the cocktails
My 27 years have taught me one thing
Diversify and smile as you sing

My name is Levon and Im a songwriter in need of experiences. Ive traveled the US and beyond diligently searching for the perfect job and place, and have found it at last. Here on the beach, doing whatever you ask.

I began a lawn care business at 15, and by 19 was managing a city park aquatics facility. By the time I finished a degree in finance and jazz piano performance I had worked in four restaurants, managed a coffee shop for an electrical contractor who also hired me for that, worked on commercial painting and tile crews, delivered pizza, played around the city in a cover band, and utterly mastered eBay.

After school I was a bill collector and then a loan officer, an insurance salesman, then a server again, a Nashville keyboard player, then a mutual fund/ annuity advisor, a banker and relationship manager, then a server again, then a statewide financial literacy program coordinator for a university, then a barista in Manhattan, and now Ive admitted I cant stay put.

But I do good work.

If you have an experience that you want to pay me to alleviate for you, give me a call.

note: craigslist pranksters and ripoffers please leave me alone


865 773 4813

  • Location: Virginia Beach
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Now the jobs come to me, and if there’s no waves, I go do them.  (joke).

I have made progress jumping through the hoops to be an officially licensed songwriter with BMI publishing rights organization.  Anyone with commercially recorded and performed material can do this, but its one of those “you are what you call yourself” sort of things that need to be done now if I ever dream of royalty checks in the mailbox one day.

Right now, since its Friday and you’re feeling good, I make you one challenge.  If there is something you keep putting off that won’t cost you much except a hassle, and is a necessary step to get you towards a goal, do it this weekend.  Even feel free to comment here if you want.  This will be good for a lot of us to read, I think.  Ready, set, go.

photo by Dustin

photo by Dustin (he wasn't done but I'm on his computer)


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