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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

the hill: tazewell virginia

the hill: tazewell virginia

(from Levon)

Ashley has been hired.  She will be exchanging her time for compensation starting next week and I must say, we are excited about it.  Being the former financial literacy guru that I am, I’ve already made a budget.  Budgeting is a practice we have adhered to religiously in the past, however there has been nothing to budget the last few months.  If it was rent, pay it.  If not, cancel it.  Eat what you find.  Pretty easy finance.

Ashley is to be the nanny of three kids in Chesapeake, about 30 minutes inland.  I’m sure she will have much to say about the experience so I will let her share.

We have two upcoming shows in Kentucky next week.  My goal is to have the six song New York EP done by this weekend, mixed and duplicated by next week, and be off for my homeland with a trunk full of wares.  Come out to Bowling Green on the 21st at Greener Grounds or Paducah on the 22nd at Etcetera Cafe.  I’m very excited to be in Kentucky again.

I miss you buddy

I miss you buddy


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