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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from ashley)

I love to see people gather at the beach.  Humanity seems so sweet next to the almighty ocean.  That we yearn to sit at the edge of a thing so great and powerful gives me hope in our collective spirit.  I find our species darling so near nakedness.  The abundance of doughy flesh in American flag bathing suits is a sweet reminder that even the biggest and baddest in this world has a soft (and often flabby) shell. 

birds on a shelf 3
i couldnt get any tourists to agree to pictures, so here are some things i’ve been working on instead…
i couldnt get a tourist to let me post their picture, so here's something i've been working on instead

birds on a shelf 2

birds on a shelf 2

birds on a shelf 3


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