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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Living in a place where things are so much different has got me thinking about what I know.  Thats not very much, but maybe my set of beliefs is what I’m getting at.  The 14 square miles of Manhattan is the most populated and diverse place on earth, so in case I didn’t know by now, people are different.  I’m a small town Kentucky boy at the heart of things and my goggles, while wider than some, are more narrow than others.  What I consider to be absolute truth may be the butt of another’s joke.  Still, I’m a radical to someone else.  

I have never been more proud of my roots than I am now, having had them only in my head to see their existence.  I’ve looked at them a lot in their stark contrasts to the places I’ve been, where things change by the block according to class, ethnicity and religion.  They are strong enough to bring me back, understanding why they are important because I see how they give me any make up or character at all.

Despite my southern roots, I’ve done something not very traditional by breaking up home and living with other people in my pursuit of artistic endeavors.  This doesn’t mean I shun a 40 hour work week, a traditional career track, or pursuing a passion on the side of something else that’s manageable and gets one by.  The underlying idea is that it is a sacrifice to reach a certain end.  Ashley and I are self employed entrepreneurs who must develop niche markets and grow them like any other business, if you want to look at it like that.  Or we are crazy idealists that have lost our grip on responsibility and reality.  

The same job could be a perfect noble choice for one and a complete shame for another, if the second guy is afraid of sticking his neck out for something more suited for him.  The real shame is that he is holding a slot that might be great for someone else.  See the mess that fear and insecurity makes?  When I drag desk jobs through the dirt, I’m wrong for doing so.  I was the guy who was never supposed to be there, and if he was, he should have done a better job more consistently if he was going to accept the paycheck.  I’m sorry for that, its not a principle I picked up from anyone where I come from.  Now I’m true to myself, yes, but I’ve sacrificed any vapor of stability.  I understand the realities of give and take very much, and I had to go this way.  Its okay to choose the other.  There is no bad or lame job, only bad or lame motives.


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