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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from ashley)

Moving always provides space.  Space to leave behind the parts of our identities we no longer wish to claim.  Space to try (without commentary from well-meaning friends).  Space in our schedules.  Space in relationships.  Space for change.

 For all the wilting, yellow leaves transplanting causes, perhaps this space is the reason I persist in re-potting myself.

With the space my newest container has afforded me,  I’ve contemplated how I will choose to spend my allotted time on this earth. After giving it some thought, I’m baffled; to quote Brian Moll (, ” This human being thing– I’m just so new to it”.  But I’m willing to explore our potential.  

me being contemplative

contemplative me

To begin this newest experiment, I’ve had to firmly establish my priorities.   In deciding, I’ve reflected on experiences that drain my enthusiasm toward life as well as those that fuel it.  

Those that take my joy involve enforced routine, menial jobs with poor compensation, and rigid expectations of conformity.  I hate these things and will not accept them as facts of life.  I don’t wish to live for my weekends and spend forty hours of my week doing something that I don’t believe to be worthwhile.  I love my time and energy far too much and care too little for monetary compensation.

Encounters with satisfaction help me to sense that I yearn for authenticity and intimacy to pervade.  That I want flexibility to respond to the ever changing needs and celebrations of my family, community, and environment.  I crave financial stability enough to supply modest needs, priorities, and generosity.  I wish for all things to be inspired and conducted with an ethic of and progress toward justice.

After considering both the life-stealing and -giving experiences in my human career, I hope to align my lifeblood toward this prioritized list:  to continue in the pursuit of knowing and being known by Levon, to create art, to have a home in an intentional community, and to learn by travel.  This is a simplified list and perhaps I’ll detail each value at another time.

levon being contemplative

contemplative levon

 Living life on our own terms takes sacrifice and intentionality.  Though I haven’t a clear picture of the specifics, there are some changes Levon and I need to make so that we are more fully engaged with our priorities.  I admit that it is unnerving, but I look forward to the effort, wilting leaves and all.

kaylay being contemplative

contemplative kaylay


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