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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from Levon)

Finished the gig last night and decided I might as well take advantage of being in the Lower East Side, since I was there, and I had no where in particular else to go.  I’m pretty sure anybody can play out in New York.  The trick is, did you play for anyone?  Last night the lounge was not packed and the act before me took his friends.  You never know how things will turn out.  Those who stayed liked the show, at least they told me they did.  In a similar fashion, I plan on satisfying the curious all over the world.  

People like familiar music, myself included, so doing covers is a new guy’s way to get listeners to stop for two seconds from the rest of the lures of nightlife.  My book includes the Billy Joel and Elton John catalogue, plus a bunch of the good stuff by John Prine, Dylan, and Jerry Jeff Walker.  I bite my nails at the thought of doing the pure piano bar “taking requests for tips” thing.  It always hurts to ask even, because people like material I refuse to learn; Journey or Barry Manilow.  Not gonna do it.  Okay, for twenty bucks I’ll fake it.  

So out of loyalty to my fellow musician, I’m saying to be a curious listener.  With all the social networking out there I guarantee that you can find two favorite acts in your hometown that you should know, love, and that need you.  Go see three of them for every major act you pay through the nose to go see.  But make sure you pay through the nose when I come to town.   



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