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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from Levon)



Had rehearsal this morning at the Manhattan School of Music with my friend Michael Taylor who is playing trumpet tomorrow night at the upstairs of the Living Room in Soho.  When it comes to a soloist, I love a Nashville guitarist or a Knoxville mandolinist, but his muted trumpet is something else.  Sitting in a practice room on a beat up old Steinway, looking out the window at the city, this New Zealander blowing clouds of ideas around what has taken me years to write: I love New York.  Michael pulls out the one note in a chord that questions the whole idea, as if making a statement: this is the color that matters here.     

We’re playing tomorrow and next week.  After that will be another whirlwind of dates with Brent Grunow that will have me fly to Detroit for a rock festival with Whitesnake and Judas Priest, play a TV morning show, film a music video back in New York, play a Gibson event, and then finally Mercury Lounge.  I put my notice in at Starbucks today. 

Ashley and I are booking a tour for the late summer/ early fall that will take us from here to VA, TN, KY and Chicago.  We’ve collectively lived in about 15 places which is a good place to start; its sort of a traveling art show/ live concert concept we’ve been wanting to try.  Were saying no to the recession.  It would be silly to all put our heads down and not make art and music.  




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