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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon



selling the wears

We learned a few things about street vending in recent days.  First of all, get there at 5:00 AM if you want a prime location, secondly, have a better display than a clothes drying rack.  3rdly be a fierce talker.



8:30 AM

By the time we got the bags of stuff, the rack, guitar, and dog from Harlem to Union Square via subway it was nearly 9:00.  The farmers market was in full boom and artists had made a sort of delta to funnel the shoppers into their booths.  We were one tier back from the natural flow of people which gave us plenty of time to study the situation and make notes, enjoy the sun, and talk about our art and music with those who made the effort to come out of the way a bit.  To help draw attention to the second row of artisans, I started shouting protest songs.



A Hard Rains Gonna Come


We told ourselves that this would be a trial run and a learning experience.  Sold a few things, met some good people, and gave away some music along the way.


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