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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from Levon)

I’ve been self booking my shows, and having some success.  When it comes to negotiating my take with a New York club owner, I must come to the plate in a different mindset.  Some beginning artists pretend to be a fictitious character so that they look a little more big time. If you get a call from my cousin Russ Walker, who owns a booking agency in Nashville, take the call.  

There are some small coincidences happening that I must share.  We may be moving to Stuytown, sleeping on our friend Tez’s couch.  The 80 acres of Stuyvesant Town are front doors to the East Village, the Lower East Side, the Flatiron and the Fashion District.   It is a small city of identical buildings that were post war, middle class apartments developed by the same people (largely Met Life) in the 40’s that developed the Riverton Apartments we call home in Harlem.  The first time we visited Tez, we we immediately noticed that our buildings were identical.  Next, he hit the same 7 button in the elevator.  The furthest bit of happenstance is that he lives in Apt 7G, identical to ours.  We already knew where the couch would be.  I guess we box up, show up, and put things back where they were.  

Secondly, in my mentioning of coincidences, is that the resemblances between The Flight of the Walkers and HBO’s The Flight of the Conchords has gone beyond us playing off of their name.  In both stories are a pair of artists, a long way from home, who nearly drown in difficulties as they make their way in the city.  If you have never seen the show, please bear with me but if you are a fan of Bret and Jemaine, the New Zealand rock star duo, you will appreciate this. Either way, check out this link to get what I’m talking about:

Here are the newest similarities.  I have put together the beginnings of a band.  My other member is a jazz trumpetist, guitarist and bassist who graduated earlier this month with a masters from the Manhattan School of Music.  He is an astounding guy that I met while playing at Forefront Church.  He is also from New Zealand.  He toured in a band with Bret prior to moving to NYC and prior to Bret’s fame in the Flight of the Conchords. My bandmate’s fiance is also from New Zealand and works in the New Zealand Embassy, just like show’s character Murray.  Our first show as a band (duo) is at 169 Bar in the Lower East Side, the notable film site of a Flight of the Conchords episode.  We are the opening act for the original members of the 60-70’s “Do Wop” acapella group The Persuasions.  

FOTC at 169 Bar

FOTC at 169 Bar

I hate to begin talking about things in blogform before they completely work out, but thats what a blog is: a daily stream of written consciousness.  I’m headed over in a minute to the Manhattan School of Music for our second rehearsal and am pretty excited.  If it doesn’t work out, at least I thought it would this morning and said so here, at the Flight of the Walkers.


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