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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

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I allot each of the seasons a focus, aiming to concentrate growth in areas that are important to me.  For the summer, I’m zooming in on adventure and travel.  My newest habitat is perfect for this endeavor and having my Mom and Frankie come to visit this weekend was a great kick off.  Sometimes I get stuck in the difficulties of living in New York City and miss out on enjoying the extraordinary sights and sounds.  Having visitors and herding the city’s pleasantries into a fun-filled weekend was a healthy reminder.

On Saturday we walked through our neighborhood and visited the lobby of the Apollo

featuring Let at the Apollo

featuring Let at the Apollo

 Then we headed to the Upper West Side and saw the building where John Lennon was shot and Strawberry Fields in Central Park 

Let loves Lennon

Let loves Lennon

Next, we visited the Chelsea Hotel where there is a delightful art gallery in the lobby and a kicky music shop next door  

levon wouldn't leave

me and mom waiting on levon (he wouldn't leave)





Afterwards we headed to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Regular reader may remember my first impressions of the area, but on this sunny day I loved it.   We found an art market and my mom bought me a birthday outfit by JoAnn Berman  

by JoAnn Berman.  constructed from a Wrangler's western shirt

by JoAnn Berman. constructed from a Wrangler's western shirt

 She was there and it was neat to get to talk to her a little about her work.  


Finally we headed toward the East Village and ended up at tre restaurant (  I got the gnocchi and I definitely recommend it.  The atmosphere is cozy, it made for good conversation and a wonderful place to rest tired feet.

Warm weather always gets me jazzed about exploring; I’m looking forward to an adventurous summer.


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