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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

“To live intensely is one of the basic human desires and an artistic necessity.”  –Michael Kimmelman

I just started reading The Accidental Masterpiece by Kimmelman so plan on hearing all about it.  I’m just in the introduction and I’m already wild about it.  This quote resonates with me because lately I’ve wondered if I might be crazy.   I’m potently sensitive, acutely bent toward gloominess, and when I’m happy I can’t help but to tangle my fingers in a sort of bungling reflex (you’ve seen crazy people do this).  Mr. Kimmelman made me feel okay about my intensity.

Yesterday I felt so intensely gloomy that I prayed for a brain/chemical/attitude modification (normally I would pray for the gloomy thing to go away).  I had a change in prayer because I realized that on cloudy days, anything can make me feel sad (low quality films, James Taylor, and signs for Shoney’s to name a few) and so a more feasible and efficient solution might involve a self adjustment.  Or rather a miraculous God-adjusting-of-the-self, because honestly, I wouldn’t know where to begin on this front.

Someone listened because none of our circumstances changed (and the dreary weather continues), but I’m feeling alright.  Maybe its the non-gloominess speaking, but Levon may have written his best song yet. 

Every good artist has a New York song and Levon has joined the procession.  He got a chance to do one rough recording before he got called in to work early, you can hear it at (I heart New York).  If you’ve been following our latest adventure, you’ll be charmed with how well he captures it.

On another cheery news front, Dustin’s stencil suggestion is working great on the market tote bags.


thank you genius brother.

thank you genius brother.


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