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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from ashley)

Everyone hustles here and we are quickly finding that in order to survive we have to hustle as well.  This week has been filled to the brim with painting, sewing, planning, figuring, music charting, piano playing, and coffee making.  Being a Saturday, I’ve tried to take a day to rest.  Yet I keep thinking about what I need to do and find that its less stressful to just do the thing than to try and stop thinking about it.  But night always comes and exhaustion unfailingly pulls on my eyelids and I’m so thankful for the enforced rhythms of nature.  

Today was like most, in that I still want to accomplish more, but  the sun is setting and Levon is playing at Googies Lounge ( in a few hours. Before we get there, I want to visit the Lower East Side Festival of the Arts (, so we need to be leaving.  But in the fifteen minute interval, I want to rid my brain of the impulse to write and share our newest update: the 2009 Fall tour (yet to be named).  

We are currently booking dates for a traveling art exhibit and music show.  If you would like us to come to your city and know of a good venue please contact us.

Speaking of contacting us, one of the scribbles on my to do list has been to add  a “why there isn’t any room for hipsters” page explaining the origin of our name, and a “contact/purchasing” page outlining ways to reach us, buy the things we make, and learn about upcoming exhibits and shows.  You’ll just have to wait to hear why we don’t think there is any room for hipsters, but to ease my mind about people getting lost in cyber land, heres a quick highlight of our contact info, escpecially important because I just posted Levon’s five-song voice-and-piano demo to the etsy site.

levon's cd.  each package is unique and like a little piece of art

levon's cd. each package is unique and like a little piece of art



hear levon at:

contact him at:

purchase his music at:

and as for me, you can purchase paintings at the etsy address (new paintings and no room for hipsters merchandise coming soon) and contact me at

one of my paintings, coming to etsy one day soon

one of my paintings, coming to etsy one day soon



This will have to do for now.  Better organization will be here shortly, until then, I’m going to see a dance performance and stop thinking about logistics.


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