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(from Levon)


guitarist Kevin Hunter in front of The Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

guitarist Kevin Hunter in front of The Shop in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn


Last night was a showcase at Crash Mansion in SoHo and then saying good bye to the band for a while.  Brent is headed to PA, OH, and VA for some accoustic shows over the next week or so and we reconvene after that to play some dates scattered across the summer.  Only a week ago today I met the guy, and to say its been a ride while cramming the set into my head and running around for the 5 gigs we played in five days would be an understatement.


We rehearsed daily in a biker garage/screen printing shop/ soon-to-be tattoo parlor in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn known as “”The Shop.”  The same streets Ashley and I trecked on a snowy day in April during our initial adventure to the Bushwick hostel are now teeming with hipsters.  The band rolled up the spray paint embelished metal door and turned up to full volume every afternoon for the constant stream of passer-bys.  Many stopped for a while, and a couple of guys filming a documentary actually came back to hear us last night and filmed the show.   

On a less exciting note, I graduated my barista training today and have decided to spend the rest of this post giving you inside information on matters concerning your daily lives’ comingling with the java empire of the universe.  

1. when you order your drink say it in the following sequence: iced if it is, or skip this step if not, number of shots, size, syrup type, milk type, any special modification, and lastly the actual drink.  For example, if you say  “uh… a small caramel macchiato with sugar free vanilla, um really strong, no whipped cream, and can I get that iced?” you’re barista will shout faster than you can throw your change in the cup, “iced triple tall sugar free vanilla no whip caramel macchiato.”  Be impressed.

2. tip.  You will give a bartender a dollar for pouring a beer.  Give your barista some change at least for having learned a second language.

3. there are more calories in venti frappuccinos than some entire value meals at fast food joints.  New York requires every restaurant to post calories right on the menu and its just gross.  Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte: 90 calories.  Venti Java Chocolate Chip Frappuccino?  About 600.  

4.  If you’re going to dominate the globe, take care of the globe.  Starbucks buys fair trade coffee, uses recycled paper and plastic, and makes many organic selections available.  Employees have affordable health insurance and benefits.  Your $4 daily habit is appreciated by many. 

5.  (I may really get in trouble for this one) The espresso machines are set to make double or single shots automatically by a push of a button.  Because it is hard on the mechanization to switch back and forth repeatedly between single and double, the baristas often make double shots regardless.  Meaning, a grande size which typically gets three shots will lead to a wasted fourth shot being poured down the drain beside the cup.  Ask if this happens at your store and make it a free quad.  (in other words for any odd shot amount you could round up one for free)  Do they always waste the even shot?  Depends.  A poured shot is good for 7 to 10 seconds according to the Green Apron Handbook, so it matters what other drinks were called in the same moment.  You didn’t hear any of this from me.

I hope this has been informative.


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