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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Back on the farm near D.C.  With some distance now between us and Knoxville, I’ve begun to feel enough bravery to make some bold statements about the town and its residents.  We shouldn’t be back for a while, and I hope that the buffer is enough to protect us from the repercussions of unleashed honesty.  In no particular order of significance, the first thing I’ll say is that I hope that my eyes will once again readjust to the severity of dangerously high contrasted oranges.


anonymous redneck

anonymous redneck



Secondly, I will follow Jack Neely (author, historian, journalist, anywhere and if he ever should run for any public office I would drop everything and support him at my own expense.  I’ll go ahead and say it: Jack Neely for president.  And James Trimble for mayor of Knoxville. 

I already miss the Tomato Head.  



When I return I hope that Central Avenue’s “Happy Hollow” is a destination point, and that if you say Old North Knoxville people don’t think you mean Fountain City.  

Whether or not you see more homeless people on a daily basis in Knoxville or Harlem is something I’m prepared to give a statistical backbone.  My unofficial opinion is that it will  be Knoxville.  

We have just decided to make today’s blog the Flight of the Walkers Best of 2009 Awards.  We’ll see how many we get in sync with the Metro Pulse, who should release their list soon.  


as determined by Levon and Ashley

as determined by Levon and Ashley


  1. Best local Financial Institution:  Charlie’s Pawn Shop on North Broadway
  2. Best way to drive to West Knoxville: University to Southerland to Kingston Pike, or veer right halfway across the Henley Street Bridge. 
  3. Best thrift shop: Amvets of South Knoxville
  4. Best place (for 2) to eat for $5: Domino’s, North Broadway
  5. Best place to eat for $8: El Charro
  6. Best place to eat for $15: Tomato Head
  7. Best place to eat for over $15: Where do you want to take us?
  8. Best Art Store: Jerry’s Artarama
  9. Best Music Store: The Music Room
  10. Best Lowes: Easttown
  11. Best Furniture and Home Decor: Abode
  12. Best place to try a band/artist you may not have heard: The Square Room
  13. Best person to know globally if you want to share a mutual friend in Knoxville: Cozmo Holloway





  14. Best keyboardist: Ben Maney
  15. Best overall musician: Cruz Contreras 




  16. Best local art gallery: Three Flights Up
  17. Best way to have the true Knoxville experience: Go to the WDVX Blue Plate Special ( with host Red Hickey.  Spend the afternoon making the thrift shop circuits.  Buy a Yee Haw print (  Dinner at Tomato Head.  Walk around the square, tip the musicians.  Finally, the Dirty Guv’nahs at Barley’s in the Old City.  Hold up your Yuengling draft with hundred of your fellow Knoxvillians having a good time.  Buy a flower for your date from whoever that guy is.  When they play the Blue Rose Stroll, sing at the top of your lungs.          


Ashley's painting on the wall of freedom

Ashley's painting on the wall of freedom


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