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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon



Yesterday, on about the fifth try of the week, and second try of the day, I made peace with what you can fit in an Isuzu Rodeo and what you can’t.  As I crammed t shirts, towels, and records into every pocket of air, my initial thought was that everything was going to spill on 137th street upon opening the door tomorrow.  Now, I’ve got the wad so tight that our things have molded into the exact shape of the vehicle.  If you could combine all the little spaces they wouldn’t amount to a cup of sand.  I’m hoping I can get everything out without having to peel the Rodeo off. 


We sit on our pillows and sheets.  The floorboards are full and Ashley and I can only see each other from the shoulders up.  We rotate who holds the dog and who holds the cat because the cat is better.  He molds to your lap until you don’t know he’s there.  The dog is dead weight, often with one leg locked straight out into your stomach. 


Climbing ropes are taut above our head reaching up and out the windows because I didn’t trust the luggage racks to hold the massive load strapped to the top.  Up there is a table top Ashley uses as an art desk, laying upside down with the underside full of mic stands, canvases, wood pieces of my piano stand, and shelving.  The whole thing is like a tarped burrito topped with two 5×7 projector screen stands (like from her Abode installment) and a giant 7 ft easel I made her out of solid 2″x4″s that we ripped out of our house during the HGTV renovation.  There is easily 3oo lbs lashed to the roof.  But never fear, Gary Brown and Troop 528 of Madisonville First United Methodist Church raised an Eagle Scout that would make any roadie in New York City scared for their job. 


We got rid of a lot of stuff.  Past the refreshing point, deep into the painful region.  Some of it went home with parents and some is being long term borrowed by friends.  If you bought, borrowed, or stole something (because we left it out in the yard all night) please send us pictures of the new home.  It helps us cope, and as people who value old things, we just want to know the next leg of the story. 



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