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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from ashley)

I’m in the early stages of considering a MFA program.  The idea really frightens me and a dull stomach pain accompanies the thought of the paperwork.  I wish we could take the bureacracy  out of education.  You want to learn?  Come on.  

You see, I’ve already completed one Masters degree, save one semester, and to start another in an unrelated field makes me totally barmy.  But what keeps me on the Princeton Review is the foolishness of it.  Getting this degree isn’t the most pragmatic path, but as an artist endeavoring toward excellence, this might be it.


some knoxville street art (and the way i feel - aaahhhhhhh)

some knoxville street art (and the way i feel - aaahhhhhhh)


Cinderella says not to tell of a wish that your heart makes, but I’m a proponent of visualization.  Maybe collective visualization is even better, so see it with me: a top ranked school, scholarships and grants covering all expenses, old loans forgiven, attending part-time , in a warm climate by some water. 

I’ll let you know if it takes.


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