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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

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Fondness of stuff is a gentle definition of materialism or consumerism.  Still,  I can be enchanted by a beautiful, old, or quirky object.   I delight in their stories, their artistry, and their abililty to sweeten a moment.  I like collections and handling found treasure.


at our house with some of our favorite things

at our house with some of our favorite things



I maintain that our culture is totally unsustainable due to our attitudes toward the acquisition of material objects and our hungry economic system.  But I guess I’m saying that loving rather than prostituting objects might be a path toward environmental and social  justice.  Cherishing our objects would mean careful consideration about how, where, and who made them.  After partnering with our objects we would love them by maintaining them.  If we respected our possessions, maybe we could corral our resources for justice and beauty instead of status and more.

Working through these ideas and shedding 80% of our possessions is both exhilerating and distressing.  To cope, we’ve decided to document the process.

We will be tracking the life of some of our favorite things.  As we give, trade, loan, or sell our possessions we will photograph the transaction and provide insight into the object’s past and a glimpse into it’s future.

This means, that if you’re a Knoxville local, you have the opportunity to be a part of the project, so come by the yard sale.  But even if you’re not (or simply don’t need a thing) the tour should be pleasurable so stay tuned…

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