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a page from my journal, chronicling our travels

a page from my journal, chronicling our travels



 Yesterday I went to the Dogwood Arts Festival and saw some neat sidewalk chalk art and visited several artist’s tents.  Knoxville is wonderful this time of year.  When we arrived at 1241 Armstrong yesterday the big Oak fluttered with fresh green leaves, the Dogwood blossoms glowed, and the wildflowers rattled against last year’s dried out growth.  

I think I’ll be spending a lot of time in Central Park this summer.

I should be separating our things into piles: for New York, for storage, and for sale.  But my body worked up a fever, so I’m just staying in bed and listening to the April shower.  

Also on the to do list is to take down the show at Java, I thought I’d post my artist statement to share.  If you’re in Knoxville, you still have a few days to visit.

Statement for Java, April 2009:

I created this series out of an interest in power and the way it affects the human experience and our environment. I played with the concept of pattern because I imagine it as a visual representation of power.

Like patterns, the rules that give ascendancy to the powerful may be arbitrary, but once in place and obeyed, become a concrete reality. In the case of pattern, a flower motif dreamed up inside a brain becomes the backdrop of life within a living room when printed on wallpaper. Or in the case of power, a culture places itself above another in a hierarchy and it allows or even mandates cruelty and exploitation of another.

These paintings are my ruminations on the flimsy groundings for assigning power and its oftentimes horrific results.


I’ve used a collage-like method for arranging the compositions and created my own set of rules for determining patterns and color schemes. Following these self-imposed rules was an exploration of my own frightening tendency to crave power and control. I also allowed (or ordered?) the rules to be loosely enforced so that the patterns could begin to take on a life of their own, as power so often tends to do.


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