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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon



Tomorrow we head back to Knoxville to get everything.  We don’t have much left after the yard sale and the trips to Goodwill. We’ve been doing some figuring, and we actually have so little (and such crap- or should I say thrift treasure) that the moving truck would cost more than what we need it for (freakin $800).  We’re not renting a truck anymore.  We’re borrowing Rebekah’s extra farm truck, the Rodeo. 


She’s keeping the Corolla for the next year or so and putting new tires on it.  The tires were so bald that Chevron wouldn’t even rotate them the last time I got the oil changed.  We skidded all the way to NY and back to DC but I promised Ashley that would be it.  The Rodeo and its luggage racks should fit all we need, and everything else is for sale.  This weekend, 1241 Armstrong, call me. 


They got some work out of me today; I dug holes for eight blueberry bushes.  Its the least I can do as a mooching son-in-law, unemployed on the couch, and dragging the oldest daughter to Harlem to chase a rock n roll fantasy.  


If the Rodeo makes it to NY, I have strict orders to sell it.  As you know, I have strong business sense as well as car salesman abilities.  I won’t let them down.



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