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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Back in D.C. with Ashley’s family.   Our friend Lynsey needs a roommate so we’re moving in with her in two weeks.  Our new home will be in Harlem above SpaHa, which is uptown Manhattan.  From what I’ve been told, the finding, application, and moving process in New York is a life accomplishment.  Our search was over in one phone call, as soon as we gave up on Brooklyn.  Now that I’ve tried, I’m admitting we were chasing the impossible if we hadn’t done something like we are.  Rent everywhere is at least $1,500 and they want three months down, plus you have to earn at least four times the amount.  We don’t have any money or jobs.   

The first time we rented out our house in Knoxville was to a couple just like us who were looking for a new start.  No jobs, couldn’t even pay the full deposit and wanted to break it up.  We gave them a major break because we knew we’d need our own soon enough.  Pay it forward, right?  Then the renters never came and screwed up everything.  Do people play as nice as us in New York?  We were absolutely counting on it, even though we knew from experience that they shouldn’t.  

But with the apartment search finished, we came back to do laundry, sleep in a bed, eat better than spaghetti, and list the things on eBay that I found in Brooklyn thrift shops.  Feeling the recession, alright.

Snathaniel, levon, ashley, lynsey

nathaniel, levon, ashley, lynsey

Easter was a trip highlight for me because I needed some serious spiritual rejuvenation.  We visited Forefront Church which meets in the Blender Theater.  The pastor spoke about grace.  John had asked me to play keys.  I understand now more than any other time in my life just  how much grace we ask for.  And getting to play with John again was a familiar feeling, though its not everyday I get to step onto a famous stage in Midtown Manhattan.  If my whole week hadn’t been such a humbling experience, my ego would have been insurmountable.


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