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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from ashley)

New York has been totally overwhelming and I miss my dog.  I don’t want to shy away from adventure and I’m grateful to have this opportunity, but it has been difficult.  

The city is crowded, and expensive;  my skin is dry, the weather is gloomy, and I’m tired of my packed wardrobe; I feel ugly.

I know I’m whining.  

I think I’m just ready to have some brain space back.  To paint, read, and journal, to stop using my energy on finding a place to live and a way to eat.

That will come eventually and so I’m trying to enjoy my circumstances.  Being transient has allowed for plenty of walking and one of my favorite visual feasts has been the street art.    Here are a few of my favorites:








We’re still looking for a Banksy.



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