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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from Levon)

These are the final hours.  We’re packed for two months in the car, and packed in the house for when we make a dash back to load a moving truck.  We’re packed for the few days we’ll be staying with family on the way up, and packed when we’ll need sleeping bags and towels in the hostel.  I even packed my special server survivor kit in case a restaurant hires me on the spot and I need to start the next day.


No rockstar in transition is without the black Reeboks, black pants, and a couple wrinkle free button down shirts.  I also packed my guitar and stage piano just in case. 

The two of us, dog, cat, keyboard, guitar, suitcases, all our perishable food to give away, bookbags, music, art supplies, and computer is a bounteous load for the Corolla.  We’ll  have about seven weeks to land some jobs and an apartment before our renters will want our things gone at 1241 Armstrong.  Don’t worry, we’re not living out of the car.  We’re living at NYloft hostel in Bushwick, Brooklyn, at least for the first week.  We’ll be in the 12 bunk coed room so it should be mighty interesting.  Maybe we can sublet something after that.  I don’t know.

This morning Ashley hung her show at Old City Java.  I think she put the link on here yesterday, but its in the Old City of downtown Knoxville and we be showing there all month.  Yes, they are for sale. 





With this out of the way, there is nothing keeping us.  Our new tenants are coming by for a meeting later and we’ll be off.  I know I should be excited, but all I can think about is where can I find a copy of Robert Earl Keen Jr’s “Loving You and Leaving Tennessee”?


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