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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Glenn Addair

Glenn Addair

Ashley’s dad, Glenn, is on to something new.  He’s making custom ski and snowboard designs as a product line for his company, Wired Ride Shop.  Ashley’s brother Dustin is the graphic designer.  It was a rainy day in Boone, NC, but it was the last weekend of the season to try the newly designed skis. 


Ashley and I were planning to go, but the conditions were so bad you would only be out there if you were doing it like it was your job.  He went by himself. 


I was relieved not to go because I wreck a lot, and this finger doesn’t need my help trying to make it uglier:

new wedding ring

new wedding ring

So we hung out in Boone for the day, which is actually a place I could visit anytime.  If you dont mind alpine hipsterdom, which I don’t, its a good place to brouse vintage shops and art markets.  Bearded people in Subarus insist that pedestrians may cross the streets freely in front of them.   A coffee shop I saw had this quote on the awning:

“Coffee is the beverage of thought, conversation and dreams.”  I can agree with that.

Our day of research and development was much more fun than Glenn’s.  He got soaking wet, but he liked the skis.



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