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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from Levon)

Back in January we had an indoor yard sale to find some money for house projects that needed to be finished in order to be rental- ready.  After two trips to a thrift store we still had all this stuff.  Living with everything boxed up the last month has made me forget what the rest of my clothes look like and what used to hang on all the walls.  It makes me ask the bigger question; if I can’t remember it, do I really need all this stuff

Nearly everthing we own is a thrift store find, an inheritance, or something homemade.  This usually results in objects with stories, and when an object has a story it gains life.  You have to carefully consider what happens to it.  Because our house is considerably larger than what I’m sure we’ll find in New York, some things will have to go.  Like this pay phone:

the new i phone

the new i phone

I found this phone in a creek during a neighborhood clean up day.  It was full of silt where it had lay in the mud since someone ripped it from the nearby Krogers and with crackhead strength busted the safe of quarters open with a rock.  You can see the mangled metal in the picture.  Our neighborhood is a diverse place indeed, and we decided to erect this statue to commemorate the ingenuity of our citizens.  Why anyone still gets a phone book these days is a bit confusing, but when ours arrived shortly after we put the Knoxville white pages to use in a hardwear design that I personally feel Steve Jobs would appreciate.  This morning I gave the phone to dear friends. 
We still have a lot of stuff. 

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