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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

photo by Justin Wright

photo by Justin Wright

(from Levon)

The past two weeks of self/un employment has made me realize I need some structure.   No longer do I have a boss, a place to go where I feel at work, and any responsibility to anyone besides us.  So freakin awesome.  But not reality.  If I get up and play the piano for three hours, good, but that’s being unemployed.  If I get up and rehearse for something I’m trying to prepare for, that’s a better idea.  Oh, but what am I preparing for?  Hmm, yes I’m self/unemployed. 

Yesterday I went to the WDVX Blue Plate Special and saw an amazing and inspiring performance by two Nashville singer/ songwriters you should check out.  Aron Wright ( and Dan Ellsworth (  They were good.  They put on a show.  They had CDs.  I was invigorated.

I haven’t had a gig since before I broke my finger on Valentine’s Day.  This morning I had my last visit to the Doc and he said my finger is fine.  I’m glad he thinks so, I’d already taken the brace off and built a piano stand, moved all my belongings into boxes; the typical precautions.  I was thinking as I was waiting in the room for him that I’m going to start being careful.   When I had tendon surgery three years ago, my finger has curled ever since.  Now it hooks.  And a size 25 wedding band couldn’t get over my knuckle.  I went to a tattoo parlor to try and get one tattooed yesterday and they said that they don’t do it anymore.  Wedding tattoos don’t fare well on fingers and people get unhappy.  I said I understood, that I was having difficulties with the finger myself. 

Back on subject: structure.

I have removed all my excuses for the stage and I have to step up.  Ashley isn’t in school, so I don’t have to work.  I have all ten fingers.  Most importantly I’m relocating my whole world to New York City with no plans other than to play.  If I pee in my pants, I have to play. 

I began talking about structure and got way off track.  I’m putting myself on a 9-5 routine.  When should I practice scales, do vocal excercises, rehearse an hour set list, learn a cover, and yes, write my blog?  Its on my daily planner now, just like a good little banker.  Blogging is 4-5 p.m. The self promotional rambling that I do here is what I do instead of aggressive social networking like the rest of my breed.   If you don’t see a blog here by 5 then I’ve dropped the ball. 


We leave for the city next Wednesday night.  We stop twice to see family and drop off pets.  We have until mid May to find an apartment before our renters move in here.  Then we get jobs.  Silly jobs like holding signs, coffee shops, maybe a diner for me, maybe art scholarships for Ash if we’re lucky.  I have a list of about 20 people I know or know through someone else.  If you find yourself on that list, you will be hassled.

That’s the extent of it.  My goal for the next week is to minimize my ass being in the wind.  If landing in New York is anything proportional to what the take off has been like from Knoxville, oh help my nerves. 



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