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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from ashley) 

Spring always makes me feel a little restless and with all the upheaval of the past month I feel a lot like those delicate little leaves budding out of their wooden cocoons.  With the bright sun illuminating my tiny leafy veins, I swell with freshness and a sense of adventure. But co-mingling with these feelings are a realization of my vulnerability and painful tenderness. 

In this state, I’ve been trying hard to resist the urge to go back into winter hibernation, tucked snugly away from danger and sunshine.  My attempts at this have included lots of reading, listening, and forward (or at least forward-ish) motion. 

I’ve just finished Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies which has helped me to feel a little more comfortable in my sometimes ill-fitting human suit. 

Since I never took an art history course in school, I’m reading through a textbook.  I’m in the High Renaissance of central Italy now.  I’m overwhelmed with everything I’ve yet to learn, but with the world as big and changing as it is, I’m assuming I’ll always feel this way.  And I’ve recently ordered Vitamin P by Barry Schwabsky, a book surveying contemporary painters.  David Wolff, artist and owner of Fluorescent Gallery in Knoxville,  has been gracious enough to talk with me about my work and he made the recommendation.

Brother Dustin has invited me to rent a tent with him at Virginia Beach’s Neptune Festival and I’m already excited and brainstorming about the crafting possibilities. 

some embroidery experiments for the Neptune Festival

some embroidery experiments for the Neptune Festival

Other news in the getting-out-of-my-wooden cocoon realm includes building a website with designer Katie Norell, getting ready to design my Dad’s action sports shop, and of course painting.  To top it off, we’ve been meeting some really great artists and friends and that of course makes me susceptible to new ideas and awkward pauses.

a painting i worked on today

a painting i worked on today

All good things, and I’m certainly not complaining…I guess I’m just feeling the growing pains.


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