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the occupation of Ashley and Levon


I’ve come a long way on this piano stand over the weekend.  Before I show you, I wanted to back up to this picture from Friday to document the progress up to this point.  I had removed the action, keys, keybed, iron soundboard, and any other random piece of piano innards to leave this shell.  That process took several days.  Pianos are sturdy built, I’m sure you’ve looked inside one.  The keys are in a box for some later project.   The action (the row of hammers) is in one piece, kind of like a car engine, and stored under the house.  The soundboard I wanted to keep, but at 200lbs of solid iron it has its project limitations.  I kept the little brass foot pedals, too.  Who knows.

All of the heavy blocks of wood meant to hold iron in place I cut out and replaced with pine or plywood.  You can tell where the wood finishes don’t match what I’m talking about.  The top and sides come off, lay flat, and pile up in the trunk of the Corolla.  I think the Datsun would be more accommodating, but that’s too bad.  When assembled, I can still move it by myself. 

Then to the dismay of my curious neighbors, I painted the whole thing pink.


Then, as if indecisively, green.  And hurriedly, too, to stop the snickers of passersby.  No, we are not expecting a baby, and it would be a little early to get her a piano.


so green and then brown,


And finally sort of gold.


I’m sure you’ve guessed where we are going with this.  Yes, we are going to distress this baby in every way imaginable to bring out all the colors before we glaze it in copper, maybe through some stain on it, and then polyurethane it.  After that I’m going to distress it some more.  Then I’m going to shove it around stages all across the world until Baldwin gives me a break, or a grand piano to paint. 

On a more serious note, I’ll say that I am glad to be in Knoxville and doing this.  Spring is here.  My dogwood is blooming.  The sun was bright all day.  I had a yard to go out and do this.  If we’d rushed off to Brooklyn three weeks ago, the piano wasn’t coming.   If I didn’t finish it, this piano was two steps away from being firewood as far as Ashley was concerned.  I failed to mention earlier in the post that I took the original piano apart almost two years ago.  

I will be spending the rest of the day hitting it with my bike and dragging it behind the car.  Maybe I’ll sled down a hill.  Its going to look good.


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