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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

We are in hiding.  Its not out of embarrassment, its out of being tired of explaining the thing that is so frustrating to begin with.  We need someone to contact us who’s not looking for a place in July.  I’ve got 15 people to call back if we’re still here in June or July.  April, folks. A good time to be in Knoxville.  A good time to leave Knoxville, I think.  We’re saying we need a day’s notice- everything’s been boxed up since the last weekend in February.   It makes the house look oh so warm and inviting. 


This is the part of a bad movie where the plot stops turning for too long and the heros start to look silly.  You notice that the lines are bad anyway.  Its okay for you to feel that way, I’m losing interest, too.  I sit at the piano for a few minutes and stare down the box piles while I realize that my environment and I mutually don’t want each other.  It’s cold, too.  Can I just go to Panera Bread for the day?  

I’m playing with two hands again, trying to get my broken finger back in shape.  It’s frustrating, as you can imagine, to have one hand that plays like I’m 7 again.  Yesterday I mindlessly ran scales over and over and I guess I’m procrastinating doing that now.  I’m thinking about arranging a cover for Billy Joel’s “Movin Out.”  Then I’m going to put up more rental fliers. 

I may find myself looking for a job until June.  Our savings were supposed to float us in New York, not Knoxville.  Or I may sell the house. 

There’s a fine line between self employment and unemployment.  You’ll find the line on the bottom and it’s either black or red.  According to my favorite movie “Spinal Tap”, there is a fine line between stupid and clever.  I walk the line.

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