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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

This is it, folks.  Its Friday and my last day here.  The National Consumer League “LifeSmarts” state quiz bowl is tomorrow in Lebanon, TN and that will be my last ride.  They put me in charge so I’m sort of holding the ball at the buzzer, trying not to drop it.  I might add that I have never been to a quiz bowl of any sort and have been completely lost in every detail. 

Other than being nervous about tomorrow and managing lots of emails, I am excited to be near the end of all this.  I wish I knew that someone would move in my house and make the transition wonderful again, but loose ends can’t be seat belts, so they say (no they don’t).  This is a major loose end, having no jobs and a mortgage due every 7th.  We obviously can’t sign a lease in New York while in this position, so I don’t know what to tell you. 

I know I’ll be doing what I love, and I’ll be doing it without holding back because there will be no other choice.  Ashley will be too, and has been.  I have this crazy hope in an ideal that people who are willing to risk it all for something will find a way.  Even if its always a chase, I think I’d be happier than if I sat here and pretended I was trying on the side.

Ashley is coming with me this weekend as I make my last stand for financial literacy.  After tomorrow I’ll have no credibility to my rants about how people should spend money and resources.  I’ve tried to lay off of that here anyway and let you find other blogs for that.  This is a story about hope.


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