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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about the rise of networking/support groups for the unemployed in urban areas.  These groups meet to share insights of living frugally, give inspiration for the job seeking, and provide empathizing ears.  They are not attended solely by factory workers in the automotive industry.  There are marketing executives, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and investment bankers.  On Saturday I’ll be giving away a pretty nice job and I remember how it feels to be in a stack of application packets.  A stack has been created to replace me. 

As I voluntarily put myself in this position I am asking myself hard questions.  Now may be the time for Ashley and I, but is now the time for all other factors to go to NYC?  I need to tell you why we’re going if I want to answer that.  As groundwork before I answer, I will say that there is never a 100% perfect time to pull up your roots and try something new.  Secondly, I have been to New York on vacation before and I can’t afford a vacation now.  So why go?

Why waste a crisis?  I worked in a failing bank the entire time everything peaked and crumbled and have worked in financial education ever since it tanked.  I get it.  I would stay right here implementing programs to help Tennesseans instead of moving to New York if I didn’t see an opportunity to go live amidst the clenched fist of a society in question.  I can’t think of anything more exciting than to make a contribution to the difference and see firsthand what our culture will do.    People will do things, say things, write things, film things, paint things and sing things to bend our culture into what is next. 

As artists we seek for now to feel the jolt of the capital rather than the ripples of it that reach us here.  The jolt may be more than we can forsee, but in paying my dues at the desk I’ve sort of fallen asleep lately and I’m terrified of regrets.  You have one chance to not make regrets.  You’ll get plenty of time to deal with them.  You can fix a mistake, if New York is a mistake, but you can’t fix a regret.

So for our thumbprint in the reshaping, to shake the sleepy acceptance of things, and for no regrets.  These are my reasons.  Ideals really.  Then we have selfish reasons like the lights, glamour, adventure and better thrift shops.  Elton John and Billy Joel live in New York.  Ben Folds (who plays Baldwin Pianos) lives in Nashville, where I saw him once at Target and said “what’s up”. 

and Ashley wants to go for the shopping.


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