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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

With everything set to go, excepting renters, I’ve started digging into my every-days even if they are still set in Knoxville.  For a while, I put a lot of priorities on hold because I reasoned there was no sense in getting involved only to set it all back up again in a new location.  But you can only live like that for a short while before you start feeling unproductive and meaningless.  So, I’ve created a “transitioning life priority list” and decided to live it like its not-so-fleeting until its time to move on (which at this point, I have little control over).

At the top of this list is the art show at Old City Java  , to be installed the first of April. 

working on the layout

working on the layout

I have a lot of space and am looking forward to the creativity that allows.  I’m thinking about the idea of power.  Hierarchies, being the simplest and most concrete visual representation of power, is (I’m considering) going to be the overall structure of the installment.  Which gets me pondering…

First, about all the places hierarchies are present.  The most obvious being human societies, but a quick flip through a biology textbook and you’ll see some variation of a hierarchy to explain a myriad of biological concepts (the relationship between biology and art is a whole other, very interesting topic).  I learned that other primates and chickens (of the famed pecking order) -what is it with us and chickens?-use hierarchies to maintain a sense of harmony. 

 Finding this type of power structure in nature concerned me.  In general, I think making too large of a distinction between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom makes for some pretty rampant exceptional-ism where every other living organism and element of nature get the short end of the stick.  So, my first impulse was to reason that hierarchies must be a necessary function of life.  This of course goes against some of my core beliefs.  Since hierarchies arbitrarily assign power and value to beings that, I believe, are each of equal and unique worth.  Being on the brink of a total paradigm shift, I kept searching.

What I found was no less disturbing. I read about the connection between energy usage and hierarchical power structures.  O dear.  Without going into the gory details and implications, thoughts about government/corporate complexes controlling and ensuring our supply of petroleum is spine chilling.  Are we creating the need for a hierarchy that in return perpetuates inequality and pollution. 

Throw in some Nietzsche and his “will to power” (the will to power is stronger than the will to survive) and you’ve got a pool of mud and saltwater to bathe in, squish between your toes, and eventually form an opinion about.  Believe it or not, this all sounds fun to me.  I’m a long way away from any conclusions but I am really enjoying the process of puddle jumping through information and processing it through color, forms, lines, and surface.

I’m really not here to persuade as much as I am to explore, and hopefully through art I can invite others into the dialogue of investigation.  Because that is the only way toward progress (and a full, playful existence).

But, back to where all of this started, the Java show.  I still have a few weeks to let the project evolve so we’ll see where it takes me.  Being in in-between land and at the start of a fresh chapter toward New York is certainly helping to keep things inventive.


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