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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

I hadn’t been wanting to say this.  Today we were supposed to be out of here.  Ashley boxed up the house all week while I, singlehandedly (because I only have one), made arrangements like calling the utility company, insurance company, post office, and storage rental places.  Several friends and neighbors were ready to help for the big day. 

One detail I never managed to tell you was that we were keeping the renter’s six week old puppy until they moved in.  We’d grown quite attached and explained to him that this was his new home and his new parents would be here soon.  He peed everywhere and kept us up all night wimpering like puppies do.  Just one more layer to the chaos. 

Then our renters, for reasons I cannot get into, decided not to move to Knoxville.  For the sake of the story, I’m telling you only enough to inform you that we are once again stuck.  I can’t say any more because as you can imagine it is not a good situation.  I will say that we hoped they wouldn’t come back for the puppy, but they did. 

The Flight of the Walkers, folks.  Your reality soap opera right here.   Ashley and I basically exploded on each other under the stress and spent the rest of the week in silence.  We were giving each other the silent treatment even when we needed to be discussing our situation, even when I sold the Datsun, even when we said goodbye to the puppy.  I don’t know what that poor little guy is thinking about his six weeks on earth. 

 We have spent the weekend mending and not moving.  After seven years it can still hard to say you’re sorry.  Sometimes you would say it, you just don’t want to be the one to say it first.  We both said it.  Our situation is chaotic enough to stress anybody out but it’s no excuse.  Taking it out on the person in the same mess is never a good strategy.  Learn from us. 

So on Saturday we started fresh.  We had to pick up paintings from a cafe in West Knoxvile where Ashley had been showing throughout February.  We had a questionably used gift card from Target and a reciept for two things to return at the Dollar World.  We seldom hit the West but these are all good reasons to go.   Later that morning we had a car full of paintings and to our surprise there was $6.37 left on the gift card which said Happy Birthday, 2007. 

I’ll get on and then right back off my soapbox.  We don’t shop at Target or Walmart and try to add another big box to the list every six months.  Gradual inconveniences give you time to adapt permanantely to better solutions.  So this is a big deal to be using the card here.  You can’t simply buy milk or crackers because you need to make this the Target purchase of a lifetime.  For only $6.37. 

If you have seen the 5 Academy Award Nominated Amelie you will recall the gnome statue who travels the world and sends photographs home to his shrine-keeping owner.  For our travels, should they ever start, we found our “gnome”.  We bought him at Target. 


His name is Let.  Its like Chick-let but just Let.  This is his first photograph entitled “flight of the wet winged Let”.  He isn’t flying yet, neither are we.


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