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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Life at 1241 is crazy these days.  We are packing for the storage unit and seperately packing to live out of the car for a couple of months.  Fortunately, you can’t wrinkle a threadbare, polyester-blend, plaid shirt from Goodwill and I have maybe a months worth of them that fit in my backpack.  

The Datsun is parked on Broadway where maybe it will get hit or stolen, possibly even purchased; but a quick and easy, no haggling check from the insurance company sounds easier to negotiate. 

At work I am consumed managing responsibilities I have chairing a committee for a statewide youth competition in middle Tennessee on my last day, March 7th.  Ashley has an April exhibit exploring elements of hierarchies and is painting like a mad woman to get it done.  We will both be on friends’ couches come this Sunday.  Did I mention I have a broken finger on my dominant hand?   

I just convinced myself that I don’t really need to be blogging right now.  If you want, check out my jingle contest that is underway for Tennessee Saves Week.  Vote by leaving a comment.  These kids are talented.


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