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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Thursday my phone rang and it was a response to my FOR RENT sign in the yard.  Of all places, she was from Brooklyn and now I’ve got a signed lease for March. 



March is Sunday.  I’ve got 6 days to move, I don’t know where, and my hand is broken.  Earlier today I planned on getting a moving truck for this Friday and driving to D.C. and back in two days to drop my stuff off at Rebekah’s (my mother in law).  Now I’m thinking moving into a Knoxville storage unit is better.  We’ll have to come back and get everything but no matter how you look at it we’ll have to move twice. 

Sunday we are off on this journey.  Sort of.  We’ll couch surf while I work my last week at UT and pitifully, I have to see my hand doctor a few times so we’re spending the rest of March three hours away in Tazewell, VA.  Ashley is showing at Old City Java in April so once she gets 46 feet of wall space hung on April 1st we’ll head to New York.  If you haven’t been investing in your own Ashley Addair original you may miss your chance before she starts charging New York prices. 


If you haven’t been telling your friends about my hit demo, tell them.  Its not for sale but I need the anticipation.  Also, if you need an old car that you shouldn’t depend on but looks fantastic I have one. 

Enough logistics.  Today was a day of details.  Ash and I are going to celebrate our new status as homeless landlords. 



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