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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

After a disapointing afternoon in the emergency room yesterday I am doing what I feel anyone would do.  Trying not to second guess.  I was ready to go when it was adventure and leaving life up to chance.  Now I feel like chance is laughing at me.  And how many wedding rings do I have to go through?  Its almost unbelievable.  All I wanted to do was wait some tables and book some decent gigs.  Now I can’t afford to lose my health insurance. 


I’ll stop whining.  The last time I hurt my hand I let it be the end of the dream.   Now we are full circle.  My friend Ben says its good to write in order to crystallize your thinking and I’m taking his advice.  I’ve got to tell myself the right things now.   It is unrealistic to move to Brooklyn on March 7th.  I’ll still be in a brace and nobody has rented our place, anyway.  That doesn’t mean we have to call the whole thing off.  We’re adding a leg to the trip. 


Ashley is from Tazewell, Virginia and I snapped this off the front porch of her grandmothers house before we left yesterday.  Its a tiny mountain town where she grew up and everything revolves around coal mining.  She has a small commission for a mural so we’re considering spending March there.  I’m not going to be good for much except one handed blogging but there is a whole list of things her grandmother needs done and I’ll do my best. 

People sign leases in the spring and hopefully April or May will bring someone to need a place or buy an old car.

John Lennon said “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”   I can’t do much about my hand but I’ve resolved to let it broaden my plans.  If I’m going to get stuck with a handful of setbacks then I’ll go somewhere I can sing as loud as I want and work on that.

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