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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Yesterday I researched hostels and rental trucks.  This is the task I like least- investigating and managing details.  But for anyone who’s interested, the next few weeks will look like this:

Feb 13-14:  Drive to VA to see Ashley’s folks one more time

Feb 20-21: Drive to KY to see my folks one more time

(Feb 22 watch Ben Folds at the Valarium in Knoxville, an irrelevant but exciting detail for me at least)

Feb 28: move partly out; load the car and pile everything else out of the renters’ way

March 1 – March 9: Live with friends and work my last week.  I have a huge work obligation on my last day, Saturday March 7th. 

March 10: load moving truck and go to Washington D.C. to unload at Ashley’s mom’s. 

March 14-20: drive to NY and stay in Brooklyn hostel,


Thats pretty much it.  The hostel lets you pay by the night so as long as we like it, can’t find a place, or run out of money I guess we’ll be there. 

I’d given up on looking for jobs online but found one anyway on craigslist yesterday.  I got my nerve up and walked outside to call and the voicebox was full.  I just walked around campus for about an hour until I had to be back.  I put a brand new posting for the Datsun on craigslist today because my old ad cycled off.  The renters we think we have for March 1st haven’t given us a definite yes yet.  We just think they will.  I realize that this plan is not really a plan at all, just a hope.  There are too many things out of our control so we just keep doing what we can do. 


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