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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

One of the last things I will be doing as a program coordinator for financial literacy is a youth jingle contest.   Students statewide will be writing and filming a jingle about spending money wisely and I will be putting them on YouTube.  This all takes place the third week of February,  Tennessee Saves Week, which encourages Tennesseans to save money plus be more informed about money issues.

It would be great if you all would come vote for the students.  I’ll keep you posted on when I get them up, the due date is February 13th so it will be soon after that. 

We have a celebrity judge panel for the contest.  The lineup is: 

Jill Andrews of the Everybodyfields:  

photo by Sarah Shute

Cozmo Holloway of Dishwater Blonde:


And James Trimble of the Dirty Guv’nahs.


I told you this has been a good job.  It was the first one where I wasn’t secretive about my music ambitions and now I get to do stuff like this.  A couple of times I’ve gotten to perform in career planning seminars.  The gig is always under your nose if you know where to look.  And if the topic is vocational bewilderment, I have the material.



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