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Yesterday on NPR they announced that the first quarter spending was down by 1% and the reason was because people increased their saving habits by over 3%. Arghhh. What terrible news! What do you mean people are spending less on crap and saving it for their futures? This is terrible. This will cause a depression because the rat race can’t handle this mass swing towards responsibility.

I’m half kidding but I’m totally serious. I know you may not be on here to study the economy with me this morning and I’ll admit I did the bare minimum in my economics courses to get a B before I went back to the piano. But if people are as smart as they should be we will be in for a knock. If people really spent money correctly a lot of (here it comes) short term consequences will hurt people.

The bubble has already burst so lets get that said. We, and I mean this generation, will redecide some things. We let things get too big to fail and then they did. If this rippled from Wallstreet to our community big box shopping centers we will have a lot of ugly hillsides with shuttered up metal facades. We can convert some to music venues and others to indoor skateparks and perhaps in a few years small, mom and pop walkable shopping districts could reform. But do enough people in our generation remember how to run a small business?

This is not a doom and gloom message. We have a chance to make everything better. What was once an unstoppable machine that sucked us all in despite our knowing better has slowed to a lull. If enough of us get off here and start putting our dollars in places we would like to have stay around then they will. And it will be really painful for a lot of people who lose thier jobs. I’m sorry, but a lot of people I know don’t like their jobs and wish it were different anyway, they just don’t know what to do about it.

Go out of your way to buy something locally today. Give your money directly to the person who will give it to someone else that you know. Stop being a revenue figure on a desk far far away that might realize one day they need to save their own neck.



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