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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

I have a friend who is a famous blogger and she was kind enough to encourage me to start.  She is the expert on food and wine and one day a case of Yellowtail ends up at her door because of her mentioning it in the blog.  Wow.


I spend a lot of time on youtube.  Partly because I don’t have a TV and partly because it is good research for a musician.  I look for early, raw performances of established artists to show myself that everybody had to learn to eat a microphone and not look terrified.  I’ve always wondered at what point a guy like Ben Folds decides he’s ready to play a grand piano and not a Casio.  I’m ready, don’t get me wrong; nobody feels cool behind a plastic box on top of an X stand.  No matter how much money you spend they still have the response of my Toshiba as I sit here and type.  So at what point do I hire a piano mover for my gigs? 




Youtube has the answer.  In 1995 Ben Folds Five released a promotional video before they were huge.  Ben says in the video that he tried all sorts of keyboards and they all sucked so he just bought a piano.  He didn’t know how to tune it or move it or mic it, he just bought it.  He had two guys in the band to help move it and they drove a massive moving van, and that my friend is the answer you seek.  He’s long since been sponsored by Baldwin pianos. 


I looked into it.  I found a deal on craigslist and figured I could pay them on a credit card if I used paypal.  This is against everything I stand for professionally.  I also learned that a Corolla can pull a trailer if it’s less than 500 lbs and a 4’11” baby grand weighs 439 lbs.  It’s actually lighter than an upright piano if you remove the lid and legs which you would have to do every time and stand it up on its side with a piano sled. 


Would you believe that Ashley thought this was a terrible idea?  Man, she ruined my day that day.  So now I have a better idea.  As a semi professional blogger, I would like to do a review on some Baldwins in near future.   Maybe if I had one of my own I could offer a nice synopsis.  Hmmm…



But I’m not a real blogger unless I quit cutting and pasting notes to Facebook and Myspace.  Why go to when you can read it here, right?  WordPress is better, I promise.  I appreciate you all taking the time to come and check it out.






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