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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

The Datsun has been parked at a nearby Krogers and a guy was supposed to meet me at 5:00 to check it out. I get there a minute early to make sure its in good shape and it won’t start. Thats usually the case but I manage to kill the battery trying. He’s running late so I pop both hoods of my cars and jump the Datsun. Then I break the ignition switch. Not the first time for this either. You can take it apart and basically jam a flathead screw driver into the plastic end of the jumble of wires and start it that way, it just takes a little precision. I manage to get the car running and by now the guy is 25 minutes late. I decide to drive it home because this may be my only shot.

As I pull out into the main drag the car dies on me. Its always embarassing when this happens but when you’re ignition wires are dangling between your ankles its not good. I frantically reach for the screwdriver in the passenger seat and panic as I knock it in the floorboard and then jam it into the switch. The Datsun shudders to life after a couple of tries only it keeps trying to start even though its running because I can’t get the screwdriver turned back to the right place. I swerve out of my lane looking down in my lap with the car going Ack Ack Ack Ack like Billy Joel in Movin Out and finally I get it to calm down.

I pray as fervently as I can for no red lights the rest of the way and sail into my driveway.  I walk back to Krogers for my other car swearing the whole time at Tony. The Datsun is not for sale anymore.  Just come and take it.




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