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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Monday and I am in the cubicle.  Financial literacy is going well these days and we have no problem convincing people of its importance in times like these.  I gave a six week notice last week which is a long time to stick around once the cat is out of the bag.  Two weeks is better because you’re the subject of the day for a couple days, you have to explain to a few people what your plans are, and then you’re gone.  Leaving on the spot is even better, you just get a couple of texts from the closer coworkers and that’s it.  I’ve had all sorts of variations. 

Six weeks of telling people I am jumping ship to Brooklyn; yes, I know they are losing jobs, yes, I know it is expensive, no, I don’t have relatives there, and the reason is just because.  Its going to get a little exhausting going over that so I’m saying it here where seven of you yesterday could have your questions answered if you came back today. 

Why six weeks?  Because for one I am really nice.  Another reason is that this really has been a good job.  Education is the only real way to fix a lot of things and we all know some ugly stuff happens in financial environments.  So with the five weeks I have left I am really trying.  Yes, my head is completely somewhere else.  No, I was never very talented at coordinating programs or devising curricula.  But I was on a mission when I came and I needed a job when I got one.  I’m going to need one again and I hope it works out like that.


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