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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon


This was cut from Facebook when I made the plunge to wordpress and sort of dumped everything here:


I’ve started a real blog because I usually go to extremes and I have decided in the last four days to get serious.  It’s called “No Room for Hipsters” at  Please let me explain the title.  Most of you are realizing that it is taken from my new hit single, “No Room for Hipsters” and that’s true, but still doesn’t tell you anything about why I said that. 

I want to be but could never be a real hipster.  I went green a while back, I know what good music is and Ashley tells me what I think about good art.  I’ve bought all my clothes at thrift stores since high school.  I aspire to live in a gentrified, bohemian paradise with a Macbook and Fat Tire while I work as an intern or serve coffee.  But what I want to know is how old some people have to get before their parents stop sending a check?



Any valor in the hipster title is negated if all the socially conscience decisons are made without sacrifice and the do it yourself creative spirit is cushioned with an unwarrented stipend.


Making a dollar stretch to meet a set of priorities even if they are an odd set is something I get.  When I sold life insurance in 2006 I made $7,000 for the year. With Ashley still in school, I was shaken down to my core.  These days we paid the rent and sat in a one room place painting and playing piano and that was it.  But, with my tail between my legs, I had to call mom and dad once or twice.  Maybe its my southern upbringing, lack of a trustfund and exhorbitant family wealth, but that just can’t happen again.   If a hipster idealism could definitionally include standing on your own feet you can count me in, otherwise its not real.


I know talking about money so much is getting uncomfortable for some of you but until March 7th I am a professional so please allow me to continue.  Being broke was at first sort of a sad thing but it eventually made me change my outlook.  It was a simplification process.  I’m not talking about the obvious can’t-dos like going to the mall when you’re bored.  I mean why not garden when food is expensive?  Why not leave the thermostat alone and let our bodies regulate themselves?  Why not share, swap and trade?  Almost as soon as you start talking about budget cuts you start thinking of ways to live better.  I’ll stop here, but I can link you to some of my work at UT about this.  Forgive the layout, we’re working on that:


I used to work a job at a bank for the money.  It was never well fitted for me but at least I tried to appreciate what it let me do.  That attitude got me in trouble.


I saw Revolutionary Road last night and it scared the hell out of me.  It hit so close to home that I don’t feel ready to talk about it yet but it did give me the drive to get on here and fervently speak some truth like the Elton of the seventies.

Levon in the 70s

Levon in the 70s

You have to take a real risk if you want more than the system of rules that will sweep you up the instant you play.  I did that for a while and I highly recommend it if you want to be secure in knowing that you were second rate.  Not everyone needs to go to Paris or Brooklyn but plenty of people are making excuses for whatever it is because of whatever it is.  Come on people, you’ve got to stop expecting the world to owe you something because you went to college.  It’s harder than that.  You don’t get many chances, you get one big chance.  The whole thing is the chance. 



I’ll keep this blog on Myspace and Facebook for a while but will be the real thing.


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